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Unlucky objects fell from the sky in India and the driver was directly killed! Local authorities in India stated that an object fell from the sky in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, killing a car driver and injuring three others. This fakerala state lotteries onam bumper 2017ll is suspected to be a meteorite. If this matter is confirmed, it will be the first time anyone has been killed by a meteorite in history. An object fell from the sky in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, killing a car driver and injuring three others. The ground was directly smashed into a big hole. When the object fell, it hit a large hole on the ground and smashed the window of a nearby building. The bus driver who passed by at the time was unfortunately killed. The Indian media claimed that the falling object was a blue-colored stone. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu believed that the falling object was a meteorite, but scientists said that this claim has not been confirmed. He said that meteorites falling to the ground are rare and there is no record of human deaths. However, Raja Guru also said that the object flying from outside may also be debris from a rocket or space shuttle. If it is confirmed that the falling object is a meteorite, this will be the first death in history from a meteorite. The picture shows the bus glass being shattered. Network map, meteorite landing

Gilbert Arenas realised one afternoon he hadn’t yet played his lottery numbers. He jumped in his car but noticed his car was running on empty. With no wallet and only $10 in his pocket, he prepared to drive to his regular petrol station. But he didn’t have enough fuel and stopped at the first one where he was stopped by a homeless man asking for money. The kindly former NBA player offered the man $5, to keep the other $5 for fuel and promised to share any prize he won. The homeless man said Arenas wouldn’t reach the store in time, insisting he use the $10 to get there and give him $20 if he won.

Get ready for the EuroMillions Superdraw! On Friday 20th April a special draw will take place with a guaranteed jackpot of €130 million.

Eagerly awaiting his $300, Ortiz handed over the ticket. But there was a problem; the cashier couldn’t hand over the cash. However, it was a nice surprise and a bigger prize than expected. Ortiz hadn’t won $300, but $97,328 (around £76,000). Seeing the discrepancy, he asked for a print out of the numbers to check his ticket again. Sure thing, the lottery machine was right. The numbers Ortiz’s mother had written down were wrong. Her eyesight wasn’t what it used to be and she’d misread one of the numbers. The ticket matched five numbers, not four. For the record, the winning numbers were 6, 15, 22, 23, 33. However, his mother’s mistake was to read the 23 as 28.

In October 2015, Nguyen Hoang Tuan was out drinking with friends when he bought five lottery tickets. He gave them all to his friend Lam Van Vui for safe keeping. That same night, the tickets came up as winners. Lam Van Vui gave Nguyen Hoang Tuan ₫200m as a reward (£6,640 approx) for two tickets that had won ₫1.5bn (£49,810 approx) each. The matter of dispute in the Vietnam lottery court case was ownership. Nguyen Hoang Tuan, who bought the tickets, said he had passed them to Lam Van Vui to keep them safe.

The police of the suspects related to the murderer inkerala state lotteries onam bumper 2017 hospitals across the country stopped two suspects and reported the suspects in the police investigation accordingly, but this increased the motivation for the turmoil.

Rather than buying a ticket, you can play the lottery by betting on the appearance of certain numbers. For example, the number 23 may not have made an appearance in a draw for several months. You may wish to take a chance on betting that the likelihood of 23 coming up in the next draw is increased and place a bet on that.

According to foreign media reports, a man in Australia has been a lucky star recently, and he is very lucky. He won the Millions lottery twice in just one week, with a total prize of 2.5 million Australian dollars.